What Are the Components of an SEO Friendly Website?

Everyone seeking growth for their Atlanta business wants an SEO friendly website. However, not everyone is clear on what sets them apart from other sites.

Given the staggering number of people who use search engines every day, having an SEO friendly website for your Atlanta business is crucial. Your business’s exposure and growth will be very limited, otherwise. The better your website is set up for SEO, the more likely you’ll be able to land a good rank on search engine result pages.

Moreover, a properly set up page will allow search engines to read their content and index it in a way that helps potential page visitors see what you’re all about. While not every aspect of your web presence is under your control, there are still methods you can use to make your page as SEO friendly as possible.

For SEO, Set Up Your Pages Correctly from the Start

It’s important to remember that improperly set-up pages will negatively affect your search engine placement. You could have some of the most impressive, compelling content imaginable, but if you haven’t put it together in the correct way it could all go to waste.

It’s imperative that you use titles, headers and other pages properly. The right word count for each page is also important. Beyond that, a sitemap isn’t only a tool for visitors! You can use it to navigate the entirety of the site and identify any potential issues before you launch. Fixing problems before they can reach the public eye will help spare you some embarrassment. It will also keep you safe from dropping in the rankings as a result of them.

Optimize Your Website’s Content, but Make Sure It Looks Good, Too

Your website should cater to the people visiting it to ensure they stick around. Conducting research on the best keywords to use for attracting the right visitors is important. Still, once you’ve decided on them, you should be sure to use them in the right amounts. Stuffing content with keywords for the sake of ranking higher will make it unattractive and can turn people away. This hurts your rankings much more than it can ever help them.  You should also adopt a URL setup that will work for search engines while also being simple enough that your visitors can remember it.

Of course, the content itself is important. The information you provide visitors to your website should be relevant to what you’re offering them. At the same time, it should also be the kind of content they enjoy reading. Well written text, accompanied by inviting visuals, can capture the attention of your audience. Creative, interesting content can keep people on your page for longer. The longer people stay on your website, the better your chances of converting views into leads. This will also help you stay in a good position in search engine rankings.

SEO Friendly and Infuriatingly Slow Don’t Mix

A slow website won’t do you — or your SEO rankings — any favors. Not only will a quicker site give you improved conversion rates, but it will actually help your placement on search engine result pages. More speed translates to a better overall user experience. Additionally, fast pages are a favorable quality to have when people think about your brand.

If you’re aware of the benefits of a speedy website, but still don’t have one, you’re by no means stuck with what you currently have. A cheap hosting provider can’t provide the same level of quality you’d get from a better-equipped hosting solution. Better quality doesn’t necessarily mean expensive, either. There are solid hosting providers out there who can get your website the quicker load times you need, without forcing you to contend with prices you can’t afford.

An SEO friendly website is very possible to achieve, if you understand what it requires. If you know what you want, but you’re unsure how to get it done, there are experts who can help make your vision reality. Get in touch with our team at SEO for Growth today for information on how you can make it happen for your Atlanta business.


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