Should You Be Blogging? Atlanta Business Owners May Be Surprised

There’s simply no substitute for blogging. Atlanta is a marketplace so crowded that it’s the perfect demonstration of why using this tactic is critical to your success.

Why invest your time and money in blogging? Atlanta companies that blog know there is no more powerful strategy they can use to stand out from their many competitors.

The Cornerstone of Content Marketing

There are well over a billion web pages out there. The competition in small cities, suburbs, and rural communities isn’t overwhelmingly steep for businesses that serve local customers. But when your business is located in a metropolis as huge as the greater Atlanta area, you’ve got competition in every direction.

The Internet is a treasure-trove of potential customers, but if you’re lost in the masses you cannot enjoy the benefits it can bring. Including a blog on your website will provide you with more opportunities to increase your rankings in search engines with content marketing. It’ll also help your website provide visitors with a better experience, which can also pay off in a big way as they educate themselves about your products and services through what they read online about you. If your blog helps to foster a good relationship by providing valuable information to your prospects, they will convince themselves that doing business with you is the only reasonable choice they could make.

A Blog Helps Search Engines Send Prospects Your Way

Keywords are an integral part of SEO, as they are the key to showing up on search engine result pages. At the same time, if you use them incorrectly they can actually cause more harm than good. For example, it might be tempting to use as many of them as possible, but excessive use of keywords in order to outrank the competition can harm the quality of the content.

A paragraph of text stuffed with keywords will likely be a turn-off to readers, meaning their stay on your website would be very brief. If people aren’t sticking around on your site, the search engines will take notice. SEO rankings can actually drop rapidly as a result of this.

A blog provides you with a means of presenting keywords in a way that flows naturally with the text. A variety of more specific keyword phrases will allow you to focus more on the exact terms your potential customers would use in their searches. By using these words in a natural way, you could enjoy the benefits without the drawbacks of poorly developed content.

If your blog is based around your industry and answers questions related to your business, you can more easily incorporate your keywords into the content. In fact, you can even compose the blog posts based directly on the keywords you wish to use!

SEO Is Most Useful When Good Content Supports It

Blogs are more than just a way to use more keywords. They also help your website stand out because of the content you provide. Search engines seek out the best possible results for the people using them. As such, websites with fresh, high-quality content will take priority. Google will consider a page that has more recent updates more relevant than one that hasn’t had new content posted in a long time. This means the search engine will rank the former as the better option for potential visitors.

If you have a blog that provides your website’s visitors with content they find interesting, chances are they’ll stick around longer. The better your blog, the more effectively you’ll help prospects get to know, like, and trust your company enough to make a buying decision. If you can manage to get visitors hooked, reading multiple pages on your website and staying around for a while, the search engines take notice and reward you with more traffic – especially right in your area, the kind of prospect most likely to become your newest customer.

A Blog Makes Your Website Bigger

Although having more pages on your website won’t directly translate to better search engine rankings, they do provide you with the chance to improve your placement. A blog grants you more pages, and each page brings new opportunities to utilize certain keywords.

Having more information, including pages that other sites could possibly link to (which helps establish your credibility), could present you with the chance to improve your ranks for different keyword groups. More pages also gives you the chance to engage site visitors by letting them move around on your website, looking through the different posts you have available.

Blogging, for Atlanta businesses in particular, proves to be one of the most effective ways to build your online presence, attract highly targeted prospects, and convert them into loyal customers. For more information about how various marketing strategies and tactics can help your Atlanta business reach new heights, contact our team at SEO for Growth today.

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