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Should you be using PPC services in Atlanta to enhance your SEO strategy?

Are you researching whether PPC services in Atlanta are worth it? Whether you are considering Google AdWords or social media ads or PPC ads on Yahoo/Bing, you’ll find it’s an investment of time and money that you don’t want to go to waste. However, by using Atlanta SEO for Growth’s expert PPC services, you are ensuring you get the return on investment your local business deserves.

PPC, or Pay Per Click, is the perfect service to supplement your solid search engine marketing strategy. Perhaps you are just getting started with professional SEO, or you want to breathe new life into your marketing campaign, you can be sure PPC services will add some major horsepower to your efforts.

 What Is PPC?

Pay Per Click is an advertising method that begins by bidding on keywords and phrases that relate to your target market. These would be the keywords your ideal customers will plug into the search engines and social media platforms to find information on related products and services.

Of course, like the name implies, you only pay for the ad if someone “clicks” on it. The nature of PPC makes it more affordable than most paid advertising, because you know you are getting clicks through to your website or blog for your hard-earned marketing dollars. Still, it will be important to know your target audience and get your keywords right in order make your PPC cost-effective.

Getting click-throughs isn’t going to help your lead generation if the prospect leaves your site immediately because it doesn’t meet their need for products, services or information. That’s why, at Atlanta SEO for Growth, we also work to make sure your website is primed and ready to keep your visitors engaged.

The Top PPC Services in Atlanta Ensure Your PPC Is Successful

Signing up for a PPC ad is simple enough. Why would you need professional PPC services? At Atlanta SEO for Growth, our PPC services ensure you get the results you need to make paying for each click worth it.

We do this by:

  • Creating and testing relevant keywords and ad groups, so you can increase the chance that your target audience will be the ones clicking through to your website or blog.
  • Targeting customers with the highest interest level in your product or services to maximize your click dollars.
  • Using expert reporting tools to measure and monitor your PPC campaign results, including calculations of your ad and website conversion rates.
  • Refining your campaign—eliminating keywords and ads that aren’t working; also identifying weaknesses in your website design or blog design if you are not converting leads.
  • Providing PPC optimization services to maximize the score of an ad while saving your business money.
  • Helping you to use PPC on different platforms; Google Adwords is most popular, but you could also use Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Reddit ads, Bing ads, among others.

Turn to Atlanta SEO for Growth to Make the Most of Your Next PPC Campaign

Perhaps you have been trying PPC for a while with lackluster results. Or maybe you have realized it’s time to give this form of advertising a try for your business. Whatever your situation, our team at Atlanta SEO for Growth can help you maximize your efforts. Contact us today to learn more about the PPC services in Atlanta we offer to give your marketing campaign the boost it needs.

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