5 Reasons for Dwindling SEO Rankings in Atlanta

Are your SEO rankings in Atlanta not what they used to be?

There are a number of factors that could be responsible.

After investing time and money into SEO rankings in Atlanta for your website, you then reaped the benefits (assuming you got the right help). Your page was showing up at the top of search results and traffic was constantly flowing and creating leads. Your rankings were everything you hoped they’d be. But then something changed, and now your site is no longer ranked quite so high.

Your numbers are dropping across the board, and your local web traffic is decreasing. For some reason, you’re not one of the first results people find in search engines anymore. This is never a fun situation to find yourself in, but there’s no need to panic! If you understand why your rankings have fallen, you’re already on the right track towards fixing the issue.

You Could Be Checking the Wrong Rankings

This is easily the most preferable reason on this list since it means your problem isn’t as bad as you assumed. If you’ve noticed lower rankings on Google, it could be the normal tendency of the search engine’s results to fluctuate. Google is always testing different variables, which means its rankings can vary based on several factors. These include the current day, the location, and even the computer used.

If the rankings report from your SEO team doesn’t match your own findings, it could be a matter of your computer showing different search results. This can explain the small drops you’ve noticed in your website’s Google rankings. However, if your situation is more serious, you can read on for other potential causes.

 Your SEO Rankings Might Be Impacted by Bad Links

Quality over quantity might be the standard nowadays when it comes to SEO links, but that wasn’t always the case. If you adopted a strategy using huge quantities of low-quality links, you might have seen favorable results in the past. It was an effective way to drive traffic to your website, but nowadays that tactic only leads to a dead end.

Updates to search engines are reducing the impact of numerous, lower quality links. As such, if you’ve been relying on them you might find your rankings plummeting at an alarming rate.

If your rankings are dropping and you’ve been using high quality links, you might simply be losing them. That kind of thing happens; sometimes a web page containing the links will go offline, or the website owner may decide to delete the links. The best way to offset this is never to settle for the links you already have out there. Keep on building up the high quality links and developing content worth sharing, and you’ll ensure your links keep working for you.

Website Changes Can Hurt Your Search Engine Placement… at First

Even if you’ve taken measures to prepare for the launch of a new website or design, you can expect your SEO rankings to fall. This will be the case even if your new website is even more SEO ready than the previous. Luckily, if you’ve taken the right steps this will only be a temporary setback. If you optimize your new site properly before you launch it, your rankings should be able to recover within a matter of weeks.

Your Website Could Be at Fault If You Have a Poor Host

Keywords aren’t the only factors influencing your ranking. If users aren’t sticking around on your website, search engines may start ranking other pages ahead of it. You can expect this outcome if your site isn’t responding quickly enough.

If your hosting company can’t provide fast loading times for visitors to your website, it’s well worth seeking a replacement. It might require more money, especially if you end up needing to get your website on its own server (or one that isn’t already accommodating too many other sites), but it is very important to ensure your page’s visitors see what you have to offer without suffering through prolonged loading times.

With SEO Rankings, There Is Always Competition

When one website’s ranking goes up, another page’s placement goes down. The top spot can only ever be occupied by one site, after all. This is why SEO services aren’t something you utilize one time and then forget. Keeping your website near the top of the rankings and maintaining steady traffic is an ongoing job, since your competitors are doing the exact same thing. Your rankings might be dropping because you’ve stopped focusing on SEO as much as before, but the remedy for that is a simple one.

Regardless of the cause, there’s always a way to fix dwindling SEO rankings. Stay aware of what’s happening with your website, and once you’re clear on the problem, a solution is always somewhere close by. For help with navigating the hurdles discussed here, or for more information about how to avoid them, get in touch with our team of experts at SEO for Growth in Atlanta today.

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